Our priorities for 2019/20

Business plan

In 2019/20, our transition year, we have five business priorities which lay the foundations for, and set the future direction of, the Money and Pensions Service while continuing to deliver a high-quality service to the millions of customers through the three legacy brands: Money Advice Service, Pension Wise and The Pensions Advisory Service.

At a glance

The priorities

  1. Priority 1: Listen and engage

    We will hear diverse views to help us build our new mission and make choices about where to focus our efforts, creating a three-year plan that will make a unique impact on those most in need.

  2. Priority 2: Streamline and simplify

    We will realise the benefits of bringing three organisations into one, and convert organisational efficiencies into frontline impact, whilst working towards a more streamlined customer journey for the future. We plan to start by rationalising and refocusing enabling functions.

  3. Priority 3: Invest and grow

    We will improve the capacity, quality and efficiency of frontline delivery through increased investment. We will deliver commissioning plans developed to serve financial capability and money guidance to children and young people, and to working age adults. We will increase awareness of our services among those who need them most, through better referrals and local relationships.

  4. Priority 4: Innovate and test

    We will test ways to improve access to, and use of, information and guidance. We will conduct insight projects to deepen our understanding of consumer needs at different stages of their lives. We will develop new models of direct-to-consumer provision, and ways to support frontline practitioners, which in later years could be delivered at scale.

  5. Priority 5: Strategy

    We are a new organisation with an ambitious vision and purpose. Our people are integral to our future success. We have people working with us who have a wealth of skills and experience, as well as the potential to develop and grow. We will harness their collective power. We will work collaboratively to co-create a culture and working environment that enables us to stretch ourselves, whilst deepening our capability to achieve our vision and purpose.

Sir Hector Sants


” The new organisation has a clear mission to help everyone manage their personal finances as well as their circumstances allow across the nation. We are creating an organisation which is seen as transparent, accountable, effective and above all respected by all, working hand-in-hand with the industry, our staff and our partners.”

Caroline Siarkiewicz

Chief Executive

“A new single body provides an opportunity to deliver a more streamlined service to people, providing easier access to the information and guidance they need to help them make effective financial decisions throughout their lives.”


Single Financial Guidance Body accounts up to 31 March 2019

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